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  • HKU-CTC’s new article is available in the Health Action Magazine (Jan 2015 Issue)
    5th January, 2015
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    15th December, 2014
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    10th November, 2014
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    12th October, 2014
  • HKU-CTC launches its Learning Management System (LMS)
    8th October, 2014

    8th October, 2014 – The Clinical Trials Centre of The University of Hong Kong (HKU-CTC) announced the launch of its tailored Learning Management System (LMS) today.

    Being a leading academic clinical research organization, HKU-CTC adopts the concept of total quality management (TQM). HKU-CTC’s LMS: (i) provides investigators, clinical research personnel and HKU-CTC’s staff a convenient access to a secure central platform for current policies, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and other quality documents via the internet anytime, anywhere; (ii) enhances compliance through close tracking of each individual’s training progress; and (iii) supports convenient documentation of completed training through maintenance of training records and generation of individual training transcripts.

    It is anticipated that the LMS will enhance quality and compliance management in HKU-CTC and for clinical research at HKU and its teaching hospital (Queen Mary Hospital).

    Functionalities of HKU-CTC’s LMS

    • Secure central online platform for accessing the current policies, SOPs and relevant forms and document templates of HKU-CTC and study sites
    • Training assignment and management, including training on internal policies/SOPs and external training courses/events
    • Submission and endorsement of training reports
    • Online examination on Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and clinical research ethics
    • Maintenance of training records and generation of individual training transcripts
  • HKU-CTC’s new article is available in the Health Action Magazine (Sep 2014 Issue)
    12th September, 2014
  • Collaboration between TRREE and HKU-CTC in e-learning
    1st April, 2014

    HONG KONG and Neuchâtel, Switzerland – 1st April, 2014 – The Clinical Trials Centre of The University of Hong Kong (HKU-CTC) and the Training and Resources in Research Ethics Evaluation Programme (TRREE) of the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland announced formation of an international strategic collaboration today. The objective is to promote the principles of ethics and regulations of health and medical research involving human participants to research personnel, especially those in Asia, Middle East and North Africa. This collaboration brings together the research ethics expertise of the West and the East and integrates TRREE’s on-line e-Learning with HKU-CTC’s on-site training, and is anticipated to contribute significantly to protection of research participants and quality of human research in the Asian & MENA region and also globally.

    Under the collaboration, HKU-CTC will contribute directly to the maintenance and future development of TRREE, and integrate TRREE into its on-site clinical research training programme. HKU-CTC will also work together with TRREE for attaining a better recognition of TRREE as a high-quality training programme on Good Clinical Practice (GCP) within the clinical research community and the pharmaceutical industry, while maintaining its independence and strong academic position. In addition, HKU-CTC will develop a Hong Kong Local Supplement for TRREE, which will provide direct access to Hong Kong’s human research legislation, regulations and ethical standards.

    Protection of research participants and quality management are two major elements of human research ethics. Over the years, HKU-CTC has been putting much effort in promoting research ethics and GCP. Our on-site training programme, namely PRACTISE®, provides an interactive and intensive environment for efficient and effective learning. TREEE, a high-quality, open platform freely accessible to research personnel anytime anywhere through the Internet, offers a desirable mode of continuous learning. We are proud to collaborate with TRREE, and trust the integration of TRREE’s on-line platform and HKU-CTC’s on-site training programme will create enormous synergy in promoting research ethics and GCP in the Asian & MENA region as well as globally,” says Henry Yau, Managing Director of HKU-CTC.

    Safeguarding research ethics is a continuous mission that requires international collaboration. I am very glad to know that HKU-CTC shares the same vision and has been making its effort in the Asian & MENA region which houses the biggest world population and plays an increasingly important role in human research. With our aligned vision and complementary expertise, I am sure this collaboration will bring solid value to the further development of research ethics in the region and also worldwide,” says Professor Dominique Sprumont, Coordinator of TRREE.

    About TRREE: University of Neuchâtel (UniNE) is a public university in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. TRREE ( is an e-Learning and e-Resources platform initiated and coordinated by Professor Dominique Sprumont of the Institute of Health Law of UniNE for promoting the principles of human research ethics and regulations worldwide.

    About HKU-CTC: HKU-CTC is a full-service academic research organisation established under The University of Hong Kong since 1998, and is dedicated to promoting and facilitating clinical research. Its proprietary on-site training programme – PRACTISE® (Professional Research Accreditation for Clinical Trials Investigative Site Executives) – is specifically designed for clinical investigators and research site personnel in the Asian & MENA region.


    Henry Yau
    Managing Director
    Clinical Trials Centre
    The University of Hong Kong

    Professor Dominique Sprumont
    Coordinator, TRREE
    Institute of Health Law
    University of Neuchâtel

  • HKU Phase 1 Clinical Trials Centre comes into operation
    1st February, 2014
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